You, Too, Are Called

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Tuesday, May 28, 2014 (on the plane ride back to Tampa)

Dear Lord,

I love, love, LOVE growing in You! You’ve reduced my stress level at least tenfold since I was 13ish. Aha! That’s it! I was saved when I was 7, and I began making You Lord of my life just before eighth grade, I believe it was. I can still picture myself writing in one of my journals, saying something like, ‘There really and truly is a God who cares about every single thing I do.’ Yep, I was destined to grow into one of Your peculiar peace-making, feather-ruffling, out-of-order unlikely soldiers from before a seed was ever planted in Adam and Eve’s Garden…

…which brings me to another point. When I tell others I’ve been called to be single, it’s not like I’m special in that You’ve placed a calling on my life; You’ve placed a calling on everyone’s life, yes?!?! Each individual must take the time with You, spend time in Your Word, fast, pray, and sing songs of praise to know what his or her calling is. It’s so exciting! Who says a life following Christ is boring?! LIES! Must be the enemy…

With Christ, I have:


















a conscience















And, reader, you can have all of this, too. Maybe now is your time. If it is:

  1. Admit  you’re a sinner. You’re not alone, by the way; we are ALL sinners.
  2. Confess your sins to God.
  3. Then believe in your heart and say, “I know Jesus Christ died for me to pay for my sins so that I will not perish but instead have everlasting life.”

CONGRATULATIONS! You just made the single most important and exciting decision of your life–and afterlife, for that matter.  Now get yourself a Bible and find a church whose teaching is based on the Word of God.

Leave me a comment if you have questions. :)

patiently awaiting promotion and for things to get better.

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Frausto’s message is timely and has 2014 edge and eloquence. Had to share.

Originally posted on UP!::urban po'E.Tree(s):

patiently awaiting promotion and for things to get better.

everything is being modified, designed, stratified, digitized, maximized then minimized, marketed, socialized, manipulated then redistributed, imitated, upgraded, patented, repackaged, reformatted, made over, made up and everyone just gives in, bows down, let’s go, fades out.
so then do people really trust society, believe in anything or just have no choice?
so that today for all intents and purposes becomes another slicker, faster, cheaper version of yesterday.
everyday commits tiny actions that feel dirty inside like part of soul slowly being sold out, away.
thus the shame.
the shame of feeling, touch, nakedness, and dreaming- never doing but just thinking, of being passive aggressive and words over action.
the shame of only going half way because it’s easier to follow.
the shame, the guilt of shame.
of everyday allowing part of self to disappear in the name of profit as everything’s so…

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Numb and Beautiful in Jersey: Disparate Pieces of Poetry

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“Let them praise his name with dancing

and make music to him

with timbrel and harp.”

+Psalm 149:3 (NIV)



Never again to feel the highs or lows
Under the influence, if that’s what it takes
Maybe someday, life will be worth feeling
But for now, I’ll anesthetize myself with music and prayer

(March 10, 2003)

“In him we have redemption through his blood,

the forgiveness of sins,

in accordance with the riches of God’s grace  

that he lavished on us.”

+Ephesians 1:7 – 8a (NIV)




Because of genetics
Everyone stares
At the fragile shell
Until she speaks
Then they titter and jeer as
Insecurities abound, slicing egos
For both the object of their derision and the
Ugly-from-the-inside gawkers
Looking for redemption for their imperfections

(August 2003)

“Then you will understand what is right, just, and fair, 

and you will find the right way to go.”

+Proverbs 2:9 (NLT)



Noon in New Jersey

Cold nose
Even colder toes
Sometimes I wonder about my heart

It’s not that I don’t care
I just know His plan is fair
All have their own quest back to His heart

(February 11, 2014)



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