Love Is Arrogant?

In Uncategorized on September 21, 2011 at 4:29 am

Live my life in light of eternity. That is my goal. Because nothing else really matters in the end. What does it look like to live one’s life in light of eternity? It means being kind. Loving those who curse you. Never, ever taking offense at anything. Ever. It means telling others about God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost.

The Lord has shown me how vapid the glamorous life is; I worked for MTV Networks. The place was full of crazy, creative bosses who poke you in the shoulder, make you cry, and then yell at you for crying. Then, when you tell them you’re quitting in two months, they tell you they absolutely love working with you and why didn’t you give them more notice.

Then the Lord showed me how the intellectual elite go about their natural habitat of the world of NYC publishing—magazines as well as books. They make appearances on Charlie Rose and host cocktail parties for authors—all published and reviewed in the New York press, of course. They mock the politically conservative and giddily ask the Jesus girl if somewhere in the Bible God really says we have to be perfect. This way, these atheist editors can write with authority in their smarty-pants magazine about how ridiculous God’s standards are.

In these microcosms, everyone was looking for the same thing: validation. ‘Tell me I’m creative, smart, attractive, blah, blah, blah.’  It’s neverending, the search for validation from human beings, because human standards change. Know Whose standards never change? That’s right. The Lord’s. Know what His standards are? Come as you are. Actually, let me back up. His standards are way high: blood, sacrifice, and death. However, that’s already been taken care of. He sent His Son to shed the blood, to sacrifice Himself, and to die. So now, you’re golden! You don’t have to impress the veeps in their corner offices or the critics on their couches. You’re fine as you are. As a matter of fact, He cherishes you as you are.

This message of hope is what I want to spend the rest of my life sharing. I tried doing that today with someone very close to me. I was so sure God had been ministering to me and telling me to speak to this person with the authority I have as His kid. I thought now was the time this relative of mine would finally at least start praying. Instead, after I made my case for why he should pray (yes, I made a case; it certainly wasn’t witnessing), this relative told me I was arrogant. Good job, Lori.

My main purpose on this earth is to win souls for Christ. My identity is Christian. And what do Christians do? They get people saved! Know what kind of people do not get saved? Arrogant people! Arrogance is what sent Satan to hell! I could not be a more colossal failure right now.

Ironically, I am humbled.


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